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Júlia Vécsei

Júlia Vécsei:
interactive computer-installation

When travelling abroad, we encounter the phenomenon that on our maps, the city in question has a number of different names. Individual geographical designations can be numerous as a function of linguistic regions, as well as dialects. Thus, for instance, the name of the capital city of our neighbouring Austria exists in the following variations: Wien, Beč, Bécs, Dunaj, Viedeň, Vienna, Vídeň, Viena, Vienne, Wenen, Wideń, Wiedeń, Vena, Viden', Viénne, Viin, Vine, Viyana, Vjenë, Venă, Vin, Vín, Vínaborg.
CAPITALIZATION is a computer program that generates a randomly constructed (city)scape of a European capital city selected from a map of Europe. The pattern-like graphic is composed from all the versions of the name of the city used within Europe, or from their letters, whose frame is the ground plan of the city. With each selection of a city, the program draws a new variation. The visitor can further modify this generated picture, and in the exhibition space has the possibility to print it as a postcard and take it with them.

Concept and graphics: Júlia Vécsei
Programming: Adrián Kupcsik


NKA / NKÖM / IHM / C3 / Budapest Kunsthalle / House of Future