magyar verzió
Balázs Beöthy /
Zsolt Mesterházy /
Roland Pereszlényi

Péter Forgács
Éva Kozma /
Szabolcs Géza Veres

Róbert Langh
Ádám Lendvai
Jenő Lévay
Erik Mátrai
Antal Örkényi
András Ravasz
János Sugár
Pál Szacsva y
Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák /
Márton Fernezelyi

András Szőnyi
Szilvi Tóth /
Gáspár Benedek

Júlia Vécsei

András Ravasz:
Music Puzzle
Interactive sound nstallation

The exhibited work is an instrument-like sound-puzzle.
The image visible on the user interface is composed of sixteen pieces, all of which can be manually activated, each resulting in the sounding of an instrument. When the visitor has sounded all the instruments, the complete musical citation is constructed, a one-minute passage of Stravinsky’s The Firebird. Whenever the individual puzzle-pieces are activated, the instrument associated with each will sound, whereby the other instruments will be restrained or synchronise temporally to the sound sequences. As sound-samples, we always hear the selected instrument louder, with the others softly in the background.
As long as the activated sound-passage is heard, a red light is visible on that portion of the image.
The order of the composition of the complete sounding is created by the visitor.


NKA / NKÖM / IHM / C3 / Budapest Kunsthalle / House of Future