magyar verzió
Balázs Beöthy /
Zsolt Mesterházy /
Roland Pereszlényi

Péter Forgács
Éva Kozma /
Szabolcs Géza Veres

Róbert Langh
Ádám Lendvai
Jenő Lévay
Erik Mátrai
Antal Örkényi
András Ravasz
János Sugár
Pál Szacsva y
Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák /
Márton Fernezelyi

András Szőnyi
Szilvi Tóth /
Gáspár Benedek

Júlia Vécsei

János Sugár:
Picture on the Wall
interactive video installation

A painting hung on the wall, in contrast with the monitors surrounding us, is never in sleep mode; if you like, it is continually “on”, even if no one is gazing at it. The monitors, on the other hand, turn themselves off after a period of time, and we can either look at the expensive flat-screen on the wall as an empty black hole, or we can see a meaningless screen-saver, when we don’t even have to pay attention to the image – with a fleeting glance, we can ascertain that the apparatus is working. When we pay attention to something, then the external world is relegated to the background, and we can go astray on new paths. The images in Picture on the Wall are based upon the power of spells. They may be regarded as a non-linear picture-essay created in the borderland of attention and inattentiveness, in which the depth of the content depends upon the attention and perseverance of the viewer. This is an interactive connection. A situation is created in which the reception and comprehension proceeds from the borderland of attention and inattentiveness. What happens if we locate the content in the visual field of our peripheral attention?

NKA / NKÖM / IHM / C3 / Budapest Kunsthalle / House of Future