magyar verzió
Balázs Beöthy /
Zsolt Mesterházy /
Roland Pereszlényi

Péter Forgács
Éva Kozma /
Szabolcs Géza Veres

Róbert Langh
Ádám Lendvai
Jenő Lévay
Erik Mátrai
Antal Örkényi
András Ravasz
János Sugár
Pál Szacsva y
Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák /
Márton Fernezelyi

András Szőnyi
Szilvi Tóth /
Gáspár Benedek

Júlia Vécsei

Péter Forgács:
The Danube Exodus
“ The Rippling Currents of the River ”

The Danube Exodus, an intensely absorbing exhibition, is also a history lesson, a meditation on time and loss, a deep sensory soak and a struggle.
(Leah Ollman, LA Times)

In our estimation, Péter Forgács’ interactive video installation entitled “The Danube Exodus – The Rippling Currents of the River” befittingly provides the keynote for the New Media Art exhibition planned by the Museum of the Future. It has already been shown in America, at the world-famous Getty Museum in Los Angeles in 2002, then in Karlsruhe, at the ZKM media museum, and the CCCB in Barcelona in 2003, followed by Kiasma in Helsinki in 2005, but here in Hungary, we extend it to the audience as an unknown work of art. In the monumental work of Péter Forgács, two stories that are linked to the Danube River, embracing Central and Southern Europe in the wider sense, and the drama experienced by the peoples of the Danube Valley in 1939-40 are revived.
(Krisztina Jerger)

The complete installation was hosted by the
Ludwig Museum Budapest – Museum of Contemporary Art in February – March 2006.


NKA / NKÖM / IHM / C3 / Budapest Kunsthalle / House of Future