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Vuk Cosic
ASCII - artwork

Cosic's ASCII films "perform" the new status of media as digital data. The ASCII code that results when an image is digitized is displayed on the screen. The result is as satisfying poetically as it is conceptually for what we get is a double image, a recognizable film image and an abstract code together. Both are visible at once: the code and the image coexist.
Lev Manovich
Cinema by Numbers:
ASCII Films by Vuk Cosic - http://www.vuk.org/ascii/lev_eng.htm

All my life I have been attracted to the unorthodox creation and usage of writing. Every attempt to explore the space beyond text in lines, or between two pages in the same leaf, or between the letter and the paper that holds it was much more meaningful than the most skillfully described evening gown in the French nineteenth century novel or than an existential crisis in the soul of a more recent literary hero.
from Vuk Cosic
3D ASCII, An Autobiography - http://www.vuk.org/ascii/vuk_eng.htm

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