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Marko Peljhan
Straegic and tactical tendencies in the art of communication

Makrolab and Insular Technologies, and their wider implications:

Makrolab is designed as an autonomous, modular communications and living environment, which is powered by sustainable sources of energy (solar and wind power). It is designed for a long existence in an isolated environment and can withstand extreme natural conditions. It has its own research and experience goal. The station is built as a combination of various scientific and technological logistics systems. Makrolab makes use of scientific and technological tools, knowledge and systems, but it projects them in the social domain of art. We, the authors and crew, make use of the system of art for the shaping and representation of an integral empirical and creative experience.

NSULAR technologies:
International Networking System for Universal Long-Distance Advanced Radio is an open access, low cost, autonomous, decentralised data and voice global radio network, which is designed to promote and protect the communication between independent cultural, media and social initiatives, non-governmental organisations and individuals. These may be operating from remote areas and/or environments with limited connectivity. INSULAR technologies also functions as a back-up and emergency communication facility for existing digital/analogue networks and telecom infrastructure. INSULAR technologies is an initiative of the INSULAR TECHNOLOGIES CONSORTIUM, an international not for profit body.

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