26 October 1999 október 26-án
OSTRANENIE 99 - Stephen KovatsThe history of LjudmilaVuk Cosic - ASCII - artworkStrategic and tactical tendencies in the art of communicationDarij Kreuh / Iztok Bajec: Trajectories of presence
C3 - Center for Culture and Communication

The History of Ljudmila - presented by Vuk Cosic

Ljudmila: Ljubljana digital media lab

Ljudmila is an open-access media laboratory, an initiative of the Open Society Institute - Slovenia. Ljudmila supports education, research, and work in the following fields: Internet, digital video, electronic arts, digital and analogue radio, communications, hardware production and interdisciplinary integration.

Ljudmila has an open competition for project funding throughout the year and a guest program presenting international and local artists, projects in new media and other fields. The www.ljudmila.org server hosts more than 120 websites focused on civil initatives, artistic projects and media activism. Ljudmila operates an independent and non-profit Internet dial-up service and is presently developing a wireless independent IP service.

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