26 October 1999 október 26-án
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BOOK & CD-ROM presentation
Stephen Kovats

The International Electronic Media Forum OSTRANENIE acted as a pivotal platform of debate, dialogue and exchange into the role that electronic media have played in the process of societal and democratic transformation in Eastern and Central Europe. The works and impressions of 500 artists, theoreticians, critics and journalists from over 40 countries who actively participated in the three OSTRANENIE events of 1993, 1995 and 1997 have now been compiled into a new multimedia CD-ROM produced by C3 and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Germany. Culminating the series of OSTRANENIE events in 1999, the book MEDIA REVOLUTION is being published together with the CD-ROM. As volume six of the Edition Bauhaus (Campus Verlag, Frankfurt/New York), this new publication examines the links between the electronic broadcast image and the process of democratisation as experienced during the 1990s in Europe. Twenty-four internationally recognised authors provide a critical and reflective analysis into this complex, and far from complete transformation.
Together the OSTRANENIE CD-ROM and MEDIA REVOLUTION BOOK provide one of the most complete overviews into electronic media arts and society at the close of the twentieth century.

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