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human + robot = 1!

We have modified a Cricket beacon system for real time control in bareFoot’s park and to serve as a tracking tool that supports dynamic interaction between participant and airship. It also allows full freedom of movement on the playground! For a simulation of tracking the airship see:

Simulation controls:

Change view: left button mouse drag
Zoom: mouse wheel or right button mouse drag
Pan: middle button mouse drag
Top view: double click
Step: space
Run: enter

burst harvester

Above the blue dots stand for Cricket beacons that estimate position by succesive distance measurement. They are transmitting ultrasound blips in turn at regular intervals, synchronized by a radio signal. The transmissions are represented by red lines. The white sphere represents the blimp. It listens to the beacons while moving in the space, and tries to estimate its current position. The red dot represents the estimated position.

bareFoot aggregates a semi-autonomous robotic environtment... adding massaging in the form of a vest to flying an airship.

Massage Vest

Inflatable safety vest with 3 built-in massage enhancements or vibrators.


The blimp is ~ 2.2 m custom made transparent urethan envelope. Payload capacity about 800 gr.

helium atom
found image: recycle

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