found image: rainbow puke

sensor cap: frog

Social Interface

human + robot = 1!

The social interface aspects of bareFoot and Rising are intended to facilitate performative encounters between the human brain and the machine on the move. We view and relish the term "social interface" as an umbrella term that is applicable to bareFoot and encompasses certain aspects of software (massage vest and airship control, EEG visualization, website, navigation simulation, message board), hardware (sensor caps, massage vest, airship, internet), wetware (facilitator) and vaporware (future promotions, website, Howto?).

Let our choice of bringing in wine gum figures for sensor caps on the portable EEG equipment, see frog above and pig face below, stand for an example of recycling the "wellness, medical and or scientific" equipment. By foregrounding them, the sensors, this way we hope to give the easy design aspect a place on your temple.(You will be welcome to taste them too!)

To give yet another hardware example of this less discussed aspect: since bareFoot can only be part taken in during prearranged and assisted sessions the equipment is not (shop level) vandal-proofed!

Or on a less hardware specific level: Reading the “Howto?” page of this website also serves the purpose of bringing bareFoot and it's BMI closer to you, visitor of the website, future participant? or facilitator?

Badge page allows us to showcase more throwaway legacy items and it might help you to make yourself a bareFoot badge and also recall the experience! (May the phorce be with the pits and peaches!)

sensor cap: pig
barefoot logo shell bottom

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