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human + robot = 1!

- Why barefoot?

- The better you feel the ground under your feet.

- What’s rising?

- As you wind your thoughts and twiddle your toes the blimp is rising!

- What is the safety vest for?

- The better to place the bluetooth® transmitter and enable you to move freely around the playground and since you see no sea, it also brings another faculty into the picture. A rather direct one: tactility.

- What’s with the plastic brain?

- Plastic refers to the brain's ability to reorganize itself and rewire its connections. Do you want to get an "in" on it?

- Oh, but what about the mind?

- OK, you might be right since in the first place you are dealing with the learning curve of a brain machine interface. But never mind the definitions!

- You offer different sensor caps. Is there a difference in the sensitivity of a frog or a pig face sensor?

- Sensors with a frog or a pig face cap are the same. But, your choice strengthens you in relating to them, so yes.

- Do the frog sensors read my thoughts?

- No sensors do not read thoughts only the attendant electrical activities in your brain.

- Do the sensors influence my brain?

- No, there is absolutely no emission from the sensors, they are completely passive. They only “read” the on-going and varying electrical discharges in the hemispheres and as such the coherence of activity in your brain as you do the thinking.

- What hemispheres are you talking about?

- The brain parallels the symmetrical division of your body with its left and right regions, i.e. left and right hemispheres.

- What is coherence?

- It is the grade of similarity of brain activity of the two hemispheres.

- Can I influence "coherence"? And how?

- Surely counting or reciting poetry involve you differently! You are aware of that. That difference in involvement shows so when you will focus on themes you will be able to see how the blimp reacts.

- If I achieve better coherence between the hemispheres of my brain and remote control blimp do I get a cookie?

- No, no cookies! Would you like a glass of water? With or without gas? By the by, here is a general comparison of the workings of hemispheres.





uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

Clicking on this link you can see a short video segment of a recorded session. While visiting bareFoot, during the introduction phase of your session, you will be able to observe a live stream of measurements and experimenting with different themes you will be able to change them on the run.

- Is this a scientific experiment?

- No, we do not experiment with you. You experiment with a knowledge of yourself for yourself. A bit like learning to walk. A brain is more than just a headache!

- Is this a medical experiment?

- No, it is not about health rather about well being. Don't you like your other-self swooshing about in mid-air?

- What am I going to experiment with?

- Yourself, a robotic environment!

- Does the experiment have any dangerous effects or consequences?

- No, in a physical or medical sense there is no danger, none. Maybe the dangers you associate with changing attitude?

- Do you offer a new me then via an intimate relationship with technology? Almost sorry for asking!

- Don't be sorry but the novelty of the interface will wear off though very observant of you to pick on its intimacy!

- What is that zzz… noise?

- The noise comes from the propellers of the blimp.

- Why did you choose a blimp?

- Because it floats like one's thoughts.

- Are there other robots?

- You find out in due time.

- What does a successful experiment bring me?

- The first steps toward a plastik mind?/ enhanced coexistence of your brain and mind? A heartfelt relationship with new technology?/ bodily extension? Enhanced truce with yourself? Enhanced control by conscious perception? Regain control over perception?

Let me quote/ show an email response of a previous participant, Tatjana Ganser:
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 18:29:05 +0200
From: tatjana…
Subject: IAP exhibition Double Bubble

Hallo Herr Pereszlenyi,

As promised my experiences. Thank you, to begin with. It was quite entertaining. Following your suggestion, I have tried to think of themes with different moods. First, I thought I had mastered left and right movement (left- something funny, right - more romantic), however I was only able to achieve that twice. The third time I didn't get the reaction I was hoping for. Then I recalled you talking about the harmony between left and right hemispheres. After that, it was not a big deal to send the robot away or get it back close to me. When I was doing multiplications, he walked away. Poetry he liked more and walked back to me. :) I have sent him app. 3 times to and fro after which I have tried to find something new. Unfortunately, I was not able to evoke strong characteristic responses. I wasn't able to become really sad, neither was I able to empty my mind.

As a sideline, I have noticed a few humorous little things. If I was reflecting on what poem I would like to read then the robot was making hectic little movements. For instance, he was circling around in one spot. And to get clear reactions it was helpful to speak my thoughts out loud. For instance to murmur the poem or math operation.
So that's about it. I cannot remember anything else in particular.

I wish you success and kind regards to the Little One. :)

Tatjana Ganser

- What does an unsuccessful experiment bring me?

- What is your definition of success?

- How is the position of the blimp…

- See the blue beacons around they help to locate the robot and you on the playground.

- Is EEG a form of reading my thoughts?

- Yes, in the sense that you use them and they use you, your brain. Where, by the way, many a things are happening simultaneously all the time. If you read it real-time EEG is an output and an input at the same time. That's how your mind's plasticity is moulded by your perception.

- What happens with the results of measurements?

- We store them for the purpose of refining bareFootandRising. They are anonymous, they can't be traced back to you and we take care that no one else will have access to them.

- Can I acquire the EEG results for myself?

- We can give them to you on a CD but to be able to access the files you have to purchase a 3rd party program.

- How am I connected to the blimp?

- Technically speaking: wireless, via Bluetooth. In other ways by your choice to experiment with the interface like choosing between frog or pig face caps…?

- Can I make blimp to come to or go away from me?

As some participants said: …remembered…the harmony between left and right hemispheres. After that, it was not a big deal to send the robot away or get it back close to me. When I was doing multiplications, he walked away. Poetry he liked more and walked back to me. :) so try to focus on aspects that involves your right hemispheres and then switch to thinkin with your left side of your brain.

- Like, you mean, like counting sheep could work?!

- …

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