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EEG Interface

human + robot = 1!

In bareFoot and Rising’s environment we offer an easy to apply interface that monitors the frontal lobe activities in your brain via non invasive EEG sensors to bring interaction with an airship and massaging vest within your mind's reach. This type of interface belongs to the family of Brain-Machine-Interfaces (BMI).

By placing 4 sensors on the participant's forehead we observe the micro electric flows of the brain and the software interprets those signals with classical Fourier analyses as standard electroencephalograms (EEG) signals. As the point of reference the 5th is attached behind the ear onto the scull.

We focus on the slower EEG ranges mainly, on 4 frequency domains between 0.1 - 40 Hz wavelengths that allow a close to real time correspondence between the robot's mechanical dynamics and the EEG characteristics. Note: Selection is needed because the storms in your brain are too numerous and fast moving!

During the interaction the power of parts of EEG alpha waveband, for instance, dictate specific blimp movements: speed, altitude and/or angle of turning, depending on how and if these values manifest and differentiate themselves in the left and the right hemispheres.

bareFoot and Rising also operates with emergency algorithms in "high emergency" (when you panic) they suspend contact and put the robot into hibernation mode and in "low emergency" (when you fall asleep) the algorithms put the robot into hyperactive mode until less extreme EEG values return and interaction can resume.

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