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# 1: Kick own goals!
# 2: Prevent the opponent kicking his own!
# 3: Get the game going: lose and reclaim the ball!

These rules turn any soccer based video game ass over elbows! Go players kick your own goals! And while at it you also have got to block your opponent's effort to do likewise. In this game, just as in most soccer-based video games, players choose teams and venues as well as direct the moves of all of their 11+ team-members. Such features put gamers in a position only comparable to that of a coach or a manager. But hey? Do coaches or managers ever enter the soccer field during a game? You won't either as you fl∗ck pixels!

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Playing the narrative twist you redefine the event and relish the flaws thus manifestly reprograming the game, its players and spectators… In turn you get to choose a winner!

Next R&D step is an addition of live commentators using audio-in channels.

Suggest another game!

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Check out the scoreboard of your game, anonymous is always there for you! In every single digital game you ever play and even before you play it! By and large we are the ones you have to beat first. We might be player 2 or lurking lower in the ranks as you have joined! Yet we might just beat you or - beyond that - be you. Anonymous is the most persistent player in video games. Digitally yours!

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