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iDuet is an informal karaoke based game of group sing-along. Passers-by are welcome participants who can play with 32 "hits" in the "Legends" software package. The particular hits were chosen by SCEE London Studios for being internationally well-known songs that made, so to say, made "HIStory". By the way, Michael Jackson is only on the list as part of The Jackson Five with "I Want You Back".
Wuv to sing along?

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Hits, just as flops, mainly come with English lyrics. Preparing for iDuet actions, anonymous scouts ahead for locations and for demographics as well. We do so for iDuet since we like to ask participants from minorities to sing along and to sing along with the minority language version of the lyrics. We do provide an appropriate printed version in order to help remembering the words should they not feel like improvising. Or it is also OK to just go for the fiery humming thing.

Suggest location and minority! 

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With the exception of a "star-is-born-moment" karaoke is a duet (or a trio) of the original singer and of the performer(s) of the moment. If you don't agree just try listening to "Ring of fire" by Johnny Cash without hearing Cash's voice! Here

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  1. Scout for alternative locations ahead.
  2. Light colored wall surfaces are best to projection on.
  3. “Ordinary” look is best when crossing into unknown outdoors.
  4. Adjust volume to neighborhood tolerance.
  5. Invite and let others play!

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