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skijpeVJ presents a "show & tell" version of Vj-ing to (con-)fuse genii locorum, a lively event of reciprocal location hopping that embraces general horsing around with its own rules.

The video above is a 5 minutes excerpt from an on-going series of recordings. These are 5 minutes of the 2nd connection-event that took place back and forth between the Bushido Paintball Hall, Saarbruecken (D) and the Artists With Attitude Gallery, Amsterdam (NL).

Connections can & do go haywire time and again! But as they tidy up residents chat, stream music and videos to and fro both locations. Volunteers are always welcome!

Respect locals!

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2 laptops with webcams and microphones
2 beamers
4 - 6 - 8 speakers
2 amplifiers
2 internet connections
2 Skype softwares
2 Dj softwares
locations: 1 & 2

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