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# 1: Kick own goals!
# 2: Prevent the opponent kicking his own!
# 3: Get the game going: lose and reclaim the ball!

The 1st and 3rd are sound and simple principles in their basic discord with strategies of soccer and as such they are vital in engaging passers-by.

The 3rd rule is necessary because EA Sports' FIFA World Cup software makes a tactical division between the 2 engaging teams. The kick-off team is on the offensive, it is expected to attack while the opposing team is on the defensive and will stay on its own half waiting passively for that attack. So to engage your opponent in the game and overcome this blind spot, you have to provoke the defense: Kick off, cross over, loose the ball, engage in dribbling, regain the ball, cross back over to your own half, and kick an own goal.

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Paradoxical but also worth keeping in mind that there is no rule concerning time-wasting built into the software. Go waste it to your advantage! If you don't the game will! For example, sometimes if you wait "too long" with a kick off you are not going to get a yellow card from the referee neither will your opponent get a free kick. Instead, the game takes over your opponent's players, gives them the ball and starts playing?!

So let's play FIFA World Cup by EA Sports with our modified rules.

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  1. Scout for alternative locations ahead.
  2. Light colored wall surfaces are best to projection on.
  3. “Ordinary” look is best when crossing into unknown outdoors.
  4. Adjust volume to neighborhood tolerance.
  5. Invite and let others play!

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