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light | image | illusion

Schröpfers’ Coffeehouse

Johann Georg Schröpfer, 1730-74, gathered people in his coffeehouse in Leipzig, lifted the spirits by serving punch and staged a conspiring set, using the laterna magica and smokescreens, on which he projected the pictures of ghosts. A remake of Schröpfers Coffeehouse will be realised by AFTER IMAGE PRODUCTIONS / Vienna.


Culture 2000 Programme of the EUMinistry of Cultural Heritage, HungaryNational Cultural Fund, Hungary

The project is realised with the support of the Programme Culture 2000 of the European Union;
the National Cultural Fund, Hungary (H); the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Hungary (H); the Goethe-Institut, Athens; The British Council, Athens; Austrian Airlines, Athens; the Highlights Magazine; the Athener Zeitung; the Austrian Embassy in Athens and from the side of Austria, the Art section of the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs.