light | image | illusion
light | image | illusion


curated by: Miklós Peternák, Nikolett Erõss / C3: Center for Culture & Communication, Budapest
Artists: Angela Melitopoulos, Kassandra Wellendorf, Attila Csörgõ

The exhibition provides an extended field of interpretations of the notion of “Illusion” through artworks exploring it from different points of view, including the historical, political, social and optical. Angela Melitopoulos’ film, Passing Drama, tells the refugee story of the Greeks forced to leave their home in Asia Minor in the 20s of the past century. Flight as the fundamental motif of the story became the videographic theme of narrative, history and memory.

The work of Kassandra Wellendorf, Tourist Vision, analyses how the already existing pictures of something (in this case, the lions – lines?? of a place) determines your vision when you see it yourself. What is the relation of the expected, framed, flat image and the actual, spatial one, and how can they affect each other?

The cardinal idea of Attila Csörgõ’s Orange-space is a possible photographic representation of space. The special camera, constructed by the artist himself, is able to photograph the space surrounding it in its almost complete entirety. The artist presents his spatial photographs taken in Aegina together with the documentation of the working process.


Culture 2000 Programme of the EUMinistry of Cultural Heritage, HungaryNational Cultural Fund, Hungary

The project is realised with the support of the Programme Culture 2000 of the European Union;
the National Cultural Fund, Hungary (H); the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Hungary (H); the Goethe-Institut, Athens; The British Council, Athens; Austrian Airlines, Athens; the Highlights Magazine; the Athener Zeitung; the Austrian Embassy in Athens and from the side of Austria, the Art section of the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs.