light | image | illusion
light | image | illusion

Light Columns

a reconstruction of the Apollo Temple of ancient Aegina with light.

This artistic/scientific attempt to temporarily simulate and visualise a historical monument is as well of philosophical and theoretical, as of symbolic importance. Concept & realization by the Austrian artists Gustav Deutsch, Hanna Schimek in cooperation with the architect Franz Berzl, carried out with the advice of the Archaeological Institute of the University of Salzburg/Austria and the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Athens.


Culture 2000 Programme of the EUMinistry of Cultural Heritage, HungaryNational Cultural Fund, Hungary

The project is realised with the support of the Programme Culture 2000 of the European Union;
the National Cultural Fund, Hungary (H); the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Hungary (H); the Goethe-Institut, Athens; The British Council, Athens; Austrian Airlines, Athens; the Highlights Magazine; the Athener Zeitung; the Austrian Embassy in Athens and from the side of Austria, the Art section of the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs.