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Theo Kneifel, international coordinator of Kairos Europa KAIROS is a word from Greek mythology and means: "Moment of truth, decisive time to take action". Europe is at the crossroads. The effects of 500 years of European colonial history are scandalous. People are becoming poor and marginalised in Europe and in the "Third World". They are losing theirjobs and social status. Europe is uniting at the expense of ordinary people. That is why we have joined forces, five hundred mostly small groups, networks and organisations. We say, "The time has come to stand up for a just, ecological and open Europe, based on solidarity. We cannot leave Europe to the business people".That is why we met in Strasbourg at Whitsun in 1992. The People's Parliament was attended by 800 of us from 52 countries. This is the story of the Strasbourg meeting; in words and pictures of those who took part in it. It is a collection of stories. It tells of a Kairos process that aims to make room for those whose voices are not heard in the present European decision-making bodies, go largely unnoticed elsewhere. In telling it we want to invite you to join in. Neither Maastricht nor Rio showed any signs of the emergence of a "different Europe", not based on growth, competitiveness and profit for the strong. If ever there were a decisive time to take action" it is NOW, KAIROS!