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Bert Hurch-Idl, Lenzing, Österreich
The demonstration began in front of the European Parliament. Two thousand people are not a lot, but I felt our power all the same. Right at the beginning resistance was shown when the road was suddenly blocked. We sang protest songs and in front a dancing group carried banners with Kairos slogans in dozens of languages. The speech of a women representing South American Indios reflected 500 years of suppressed anger and strength to insist on justice and human rights.
Harcourt Blackett, Black Rock, Barbados
Kairos means "the moment of truth". It means facing the truth, that Europe is in crisis. What was quite clear in Strasbourg, was the fact that the present system is not working in the interest of the people and there is need for change. It was amazing to see workers from East and West Europe, the Philipines, Latin America and Asia recognizing that they all shared something in common: that they are all victims of a very inhumain system. The solidarity which was established among them is unbelievable.
Dom Tomaso Balduino, Brasil
I am a bishop from the interior of Brazil, from the primeval forest. The Indians are part of my life. I want to convey to you their cry. They do not want revenge on the Whites. They want a world of fraternity in which no one is excluded. But this is not allowed. Europe is turning in on itself and letting most of the world suffer indignity and hunger. Tear down this wall of nationalism and over-abundance, and defend the needs of all and of Mother Earth! There are not many of you here in Strasbourg, but we from the South want to reach out and take your hands. You are not alone, for you stand for most of humanity.