"Parazita *.SR (Parasite *.SR)" was created within the international project "Working Space II," subtitled, The Genes of Architecture, organised in 1995. We researched those phenomena within the confines of a computer which simulate how an architectural construction becomes a sculpture in this virtual space. The organisers of the project asked the international participants to freely utilise details of the other participants' work and observe what changes occur due to the presence of an alien body in their work. The introduction of an alien element into my work resulted in a deteriorating effect, i.e., the building I created turned into an exploded heap of debris. What happened was that I utilised the possibilities inherent in the program to a maximum extent, so that it was unable to carry out any new command. This manifested itself in that the computer creating points by itself in this virtual space and connected those points haphazardly. Thus we witnessed the creation of a totally new construction.

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