"Nézõpontok *.SR (Viewpoints *.SR)" is the first work shown here (SR ShR, in English, standing for Escher). Via the creation of this work, I was actually studying a 3D animation program, but I connected this study with a concrete task, which made it impossible for me to leave the development of the work to chance. My original task was to study the impossible buildings imagined and drawn by Escher. I wanted to know whether and how one could construct these houses within a three-dimensional space, shown from different viewpoints, so that it would take the viewer some thinking to work out the whole. I found two engravings by Escher which I thought could help me find out his secret, to understand his way of thinking. The studying process resulted in two series of photographs and three animation works. The animation utilises as key images those viewpoints which can be seen in the photographs, but which are not detectable in the animation, as the lights become gradually extinguished until they reach the key points.

Introduction C3 *.SR Frieze*.SR Parasite*.SR Cube*.SR