The second work I selected for the show is related to the gallery of C3. In 1996, the director of the Soros Foundation's Center for Culture and Communication (C3) asked me to make a digital version of the gallery space so that, presuming that technology develops in that direction, the exhibitions organised at C3 could be presented on the Internet, as well. After I had realised the project, I also designed the first virtual exhibition of my own work, which I called "C3 *.SR". I intended to realise one shot of this animation as a real installation, but then the question arose as to whether it would be worthwhile. Considering the fact that from an installation, usually only the documentation of the realised work remains, I rather decided not to set upon this work. In fact, I already possessed the documentation prior to realising the real work. In this perspective, it seemed unnecessary to create the installation.

Viewpoints *.SR Introduction Frieze*.SR Parasite*.SR Cube*.SR