Fríz *.SR (Friese *.SR)" was a design for a competition advertised by CORA Hungary for a supermarket in the vicinity of Törökbálint, Hungary. I tried to design the art work of an approximately 250 m2 groundlevel space according to the architectural structure of the building. The surface of more than 100 meters would be divided into 19 parts by the columns supporting the building.
If the 19 surfaces, 4.6 x 3.5 meters each, bordered by the columns, are taken as windows, then from the inside of the building, one can look out through these windows onto a virtual space, which is at first sight not so much virtual after all, as the world outside the "window" follows the architectural structure one experiences inside the building. What is special in this, is that I have chosen buildings from the field of fine arts, which in our world are usually called impossible buildings. With the help of the row of virtual windows I have imagined, these impossible buildings can be observed from several viewpoints. The resulting sight is a row of interdependent friezes, which are not intended to reveal the secret of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, but rather to incite the imagination of the viewers themselves to look for the solution.

Viewpoints *.SR C3 *.SR Introduction Parasite*.SR Cube*.SR