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Current Coordinates

an exhibition of media art works by Hungarian
and international artists related to Central
and Eastern Europe

Mûcsarnok Jan 20 - Feb 25, 1996

Invited artists:

The Current Coordinates exhibition presents works made by world acclaimed international and Hungarian artists working in the field of media art. The curators have selected artists who are working in Central Europe or have originated from the region. The works chosen for the exhibition use both high and low technology and traditional art media such as photography and painting. In general, these projects deal with the fundamental elements of chaos theory, the implications of the so-called butterfly effect, the abstract themes of time, discovery, and process, and with the concrete concepts of technology, the history of media art and the cognitive processes of the human brain. Visitors to the exhibition will have an insight into the utilization of media technology in art through challenging interactive installations, computer-generated environments and thought-provoking interactive internet projects.