Balázs Beöthy
Autopoesis 1.0

Computer-installation, 1994-95

For believers no amount of proof is necessary.
For non believers, no amount of proof is sufficient.
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Interactivity is a lie.
(Necro Enema Amalgemated)

The Shroud of Turin is a rectangular linen cloth, 4.36 m by 1.1 m, kept in a silver chest in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy. On its surface is the image of a crucifixion victim. It is said that the image is the body print of Jesus Christ.

The Shroud of Turin In the Light of Scientific Investigations

Several scientific investigations have been made since 1898, when the Shroud of Turin was first photographed. That photograph reveals one of its special characteristics: the portrait on the cloth is a negative image. Researchers have studied it from numerous points of view. Several other intriguing facts have been revealed by the ensuing examination: no pigment can be identified on the cloth; the portrait is a plane-parallel projection, i.e., a projected image; the image on the surface contains three-dimensional information, on the basis of which a relief - equivalent to the portrait - can be reconstructed (discovered by Dr. Joe Jackson and Dr. Eric Jumper, NASA researchers. The paradigm of the current scientific study is the definition of its age.

AP 1.0

AP 1.0 is the reconstruction of one of the forementioned scientific experiments: conversion of the tonal qualities of the image into vertical relief. The relief appears as a landscape. The viewer receives scenic information, but never sees the image from a distance: hir position is defined by faith.

AP 1.5 is a computer projection of the animation sequences played continously in a pre - programmed order.

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