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Current Coordinates
an exhibition of media art works by hungarian
and international artists related to central
and eastern europe

Mûcsarnok, Budapest Jan 20 - Feb 25, 1996

Media Relics
an historical exhibition of inventions and experiments
focussing on technological innovations produced
by central and eastern europeans

Mûcsarnok, Budapest Jan 20 - Feb 25, 1996

Moving Horizons
a retrospective video, film and computer
animation program of work
by international artists

Mûcsarnok, Budapest Jan 20 - Feb 25, 1996

Staged Moments
a series of multi-media dance performances,
happenings, actions, concerts and experiments
by international artists

Mûcsarnok and Petõfi Hall, dates to be announced

The Moment Before Discovery
an international symposium devoted to the development
of media technology and media art
both forgotten and unforeseen

Mûcsarnok, Budapest Jan 22 - 23, 1996

In the Shadow of Technology
a lecture program covering both practical and
theoretical issuespresented by international guests

Intermedia Dept. Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest February, 1996