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Klorofill is an independent publisher based in Budapest (Hungary), whose profile is publishing art zines and postcard sets. klorofill_júlia vécsei / e.: vecseijulia@gmail.com

1. János Fodor 2. Beatrix Szörényi 3. Miklós Mécs 4. Judit Fischer 5. Tibor Horváth 6.
Josef Bolf 7. Eva Kot’átková 8. Société Réaliste 9. János Sugár 10. Jan Serych 11. Dezső Szabó 12. Barnabás Vándor & Csaba Vándor 13. Gábor Gerhes 14. Svätopluk Mikyta 15. Gergő Szinyova






“Júlia Vécsei’s other earlier works and projects also often used the format of the newspaper. In her projects WW and HF, she used the image of fashion and woodwork magazines to publish similar-looking newspapers – of course dedicated to art and to the context of the arts scene. Since 2007, the artist has published 15 limited edition fanzines called drawingpaper; these have been dedicated entirely to the medium of drawing. The fanzines contain the drawings of an artist or those of a group working together, entirely without textual explanation, making it possible for the zines to transcend journalism and become reproduced art objects.”

Áron Fenyvesi
curator (Trafo Gallery) and art critic