2001.01.15. Letter to the members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

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Norway    Phone: +47 22 44
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E-mail: postmaster@nobel.no
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Dear Nobel Committee members,

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2000 to Kim Dae Jung, President of South Korea. We, the undersigned members of the international Anti-Conscription Network, have no doubts about the personal achievements and merits of the prize winner. However, in his country conscription is in practice, and this is the reason why we write to you.

Our petition to you is the following:

In the future, no politician in power should get Nobel Peace Prize if his/her country practises conscription!

Conscription is today's slavery. It violates human rights, and furthermore, nowadays it is on the decline. In recent history, conscription was regularly accompanied by mass-armies and cruel mass-killing wars; it is a threat to peace.

Currently, many people consider conscription inhuman, outdated, superfluous, and a great shame for humankind.

Any acting politician in power bears responsibility for the harm caused by conscription in his/her country.


Lajos-Laci BALLA (mayor of Kanizsa, Yugoslavia)

Christian BARTOLF (professional counsellor of conscientious objectors, Germany), kdv@snafu.de

Dr. Henrik FARKAS (Manager of League Against Conscription, Hungary), farkashe@c3.hu

Dr. Per Johan KLASSE (Senior Research Fellow, UK/Sweden)

Leonard Lacatus /Leo/ Romania/ Initiativa Zonal Geogrfica "Sibienii Pacifisti"/ IZGSB/ Zone Geographical Initiative "People of Sibiu for Peace"

Avinty LANAIKEY (Anti-Conscription Radical Initiative, Czech Republic)

Valentina PIATTELLI (President of "Ne' giusta ne' utile", Italian Committee for the abolition of conscription, military and civilian),  vale.p@fol.it

Justin JIH (Owner of World-Wide Anti-Conscription Unity, USA)

Stelios THEODOULOU (President of the Pancyprian Association for the Protection of Human Rights, Cyprus).

Elena VILENSKAYA (Co-chair, Human Rights organization "Soldiers' Mothers of St.Petersburg", Russia)

Eldar ZEYNALOV, (director, Human Rights Center of Azerbaijan)

Further supporters:
"Taiwan Nation without Conscription! (Campaign against conscription by the Republic of China)"  


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