Anti-Conscription Network  /ACN/

Conscription is today's slavery!
Egroup: Anti-Conscription Network -  egroup

Action: petition to Nobel Committee: conscription and peace

The aim of the network:

- to propagate news about conscription,

- to promote the anti-conscription activity by formulating statements, organizing common actions, etc.

Any material of ACN is public. The  list of members is also public.

There is no hierarchy: any joint statement of action must be approved by the participants of that action. Any member of ACN is authorized to send circulars to the other members.

Addition to the list or removal from the list is taken into effect by the majority rule. Of course, any
member can ask his/her removal at any time.

The actual list of ACN members

Name /Nickname/ Country / Organization
/Abbreviation of organization/English name of the organizations/English abbreviation of the

Only Name is necessary, all the other data are optional, the sigh  "-" appears for the case No data.

Members of the ACN

Henrik Farkas  /Henrik/ Hungary/ Hadkötelezettséget
Ellenzők Ligája/ /HEL/ League Against Conscription,

Valentina Piattelli / Valentina/ Italy/ Né giusta né utile -Comitatoper  l'abolizione della leva obbligatoria militare e civile /NGNU / Italian Committee against Compulsory Military and Civil Service,

Avinty Lanaikey /Avinty/ Czech Republic/Anti-Conscription Radical Initiative/AKRI/,

Osman Murat Uelke / Ossi/ Turkey /-/ISKD/
Izmir War Resisters Association/

Per Johan Klasse / PJ /Swedish citizen, resident in

Vilenskaya, Elena Yurevna /Lena/ Russia/"Soldatskie Materi Sankt Peterburga"/SMSPB/ The Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg/

Lajos-Laci Balla /Laci/Yugoslavia, Vojvodina/-/-/--

Christian Bartolf, CO counsellor / Christian /Germany / Gandhi-Informations-Zentrum / -/ Gandhi Information Center /-/

Gary Jennings /Gary/ United Kingdom /-/-/-/-/

Leonard Lacatus /Leo/ Romania/ Initiativa Zonal
Geogrfica "Sibienii Pacifisti"/ IZGSB/ Zone Geographical Initiative "People of Sibiu for Peace"
Uygar Abaci /Uygar/Turkey/Istanbul Antimilitarist Initiative/IAMI

Stelios Theodoulou /-/Cyprus/ Pancyprian Association for the
Protection of Human Rights/PHAR,

Eldar E. Zeynalov / Eldar / Azerbaijan / Azerbaycan Insan Huquqlarini Mudafie Merkezi / AIHMM / Human Rights
Center of Azerbaijan / HRCA

Justin Jih / Justin / USA resident from Taiwan, citizen of both / (World-Wide) Anti-Conscription Unity; Taiwan Nation without Conscription! (Campaign against conscription by the Republic of China) / (WW)ACU; TWNWOC

Annemarie Gielen /Annemarie/ Belgium/

Lars Petersson /Lars/ Swedish citizen in Denmark/

Andreas Speck / Andreas / United Kingdom (for the time being)

Serguey Podolskiy/ Russia

Hyun-Jo Han/Joe/Korea 

Brian Tan /Brian/Singapore         2004-07-22

Michael Mullaney/Michael/United Kingdom/   2004-12-29


If you want to be a member of ACN, send a message to involving

- your acceptance of the above aims of ACN, 
- a short introduction about your motiffs, intentions and records,  
- the data you would like to publish in this page.