Introductory Lines

We wish to use the opportunity provided by the Internet to make our journal multilingual, so that those contributing to it can find a world readership. Writings of more than purely Hungarian interest will be published not only in Hungarian, but also in English, as well as in German and other languages in which they were originally written. We shall indicate on the title page the languages in which a given article may be read. Publication of longer literary pieces, studies and reportage requires that we retain the journal's three-monthly character. However, we shall try to keep the "Recommendations" column up to date. And we shall also do this in the case of short pieces of reportage, polemical articles, notes, and commentaries. We shall, of course, continue to preserve the journal's select character and its appeal to the happy few. We merely wish to ensure that those unfamiliar with Hungarian will be able to read our journal, and to contribute to it themselves. On the other hand, we wish to draw the attention of the outside world to the work of Hungary's best writers and artists (see the "Gallery" column).

Gábor Mihályi


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