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Anita Sárosi:


25. February - 02. April 2004.

When you enter into a virtual world (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game), you have to select a three-dimensional figure, or any object that can be visually depicted, and which will represent you in this world of appearances, i.e., this will be your avatar.
The meaning of the word avatar is "s/he who descends".
I decided that I would "enter" the virtual space and "produce" my own avatar, with the aid of those technical tools, and with the specific usage of them that furnishes the possibility for us to create that reality which we choose for ourselves. As to who does what with the potential for a more spiritual existence, independent of our routine, daily lives – it is only the freedom of the imagination and the broadness of the intellectual horizon of the individual that circumscribes it.
"AVATAR" focuses on the process of entrance, and also on the fact that all of the technology that I employed is nowhere near as important as that which can be brought into being by its use, nor as important as how we live our lives.
As to what will follow next, this has yet to come to light.

The visual material that is on view in the exhibition is comprised of x-rays, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and other types of images and recordings made with scanners that were made of myself in the course of medical examinations, for various reasons, in recent years. The experimental electronic music composed (prxt_25) by Krisztán Prokob was of great help to me, as well as an inspiration, towards the structuring and unified arrangement of this visual material.

I would like to take this occasion to thank my collaborators for their assistance, MTA SZTAKI for the support of equipment and Inforg Studio for the faith they have shown in me, as well as the MMKA, NKA and C3 for their support of this project.

Anita Sárosi

Thanks to:
NKA, MMKA, Inforg Stúdió, MTA SZTAKI