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The latest result of the research conducted at C3: Center for Culture & Communication, Soros Foundation Hungary is the so-called WebTerminal, designed for outdoor use. Our aim was to create a universal, simple-to-use communications tool, which makes the on-line content accessible to the "man-on-the-street", with images, sound, and moving images.

The prototype of the WebTerminal will be presented on 19 October 1998, within the framework of the Budapest Autumn Festival, on the occasion of the C3 Open Day.

The WebTerminal combines different - traditionally off-line - informational and database systems (like, for example, the railways and public transport timetables, cinema programmes, the telephone book, tourist information, etc.), and, at the same time, it makes accessible numerous Internet-based services (e.g., the use of e-mail - FreeMail, current stock market information, daily news, weather forecasts, city map, etc.) to the users.

According to our plans, the Net connection of the Terminal will be provided by a high bandwidth ADSL line, which is a full-time connection and is even able to transmit video on demand. On the other hand, ADSL uses already existing telephone lines, so that it is possible to place the terminals next to telephone booths, without necessitating the installation of new phone lines.

Following the presentation of the prototype, we plan to place a number of experimental WebTerminals at various points of different character in the city (e.g., busy public square, cinema, museum, shopping center, university), so that we may collect a wide range of experience regarding the habits, as well as emerging needs and desires of the users.

Webterminal demo  (RealPlayer/25 Kbps)

Webterminal demo  (RealPlayer/50 Kbps)