Students of English want to be able to use the language they have acquired in the same way English people use it. As a result, they want to be able to read and understand English newspapers. The students who have passed the exams with good marks may be disappointed when they start to read newspapers, for the British newspapers have a style of their own: "the newspaper English". Our aim was to help teachers with some ideas and exercises based on newspapers that improve the students' reading and writing skills -to prepare them for reading comprehension tests. With reference to the newspaper articles, their vocabulary will also be extended, and they will learn more about the given culture. With the help of the Internet many newspapers became available for the students, they only have to be exploited. Here are some sites that we found useful:

These sites were collected by Laura Furcsa and Bernadett Gyorgy (Gyorgy Attilane).

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What is a Cryptic Puzzle?


Probably not, so let's see an example.

This is a Cryptic Puzzle based on anagram, that is the rearranging of the letters of a word to get another word:


Here 'detained by cops' is the synonym of the answer, 'starer' is the cryptic clue, and 'confused' refers to the anagram, it tells you that the letters are confused. So if you rearrange the letters S-T-A-R-E-R in the appropriate way, you get arrest, which means 'detain by cops', doesn't it ? :-)

any clearer?

Let's then see some types of wordplay that can be used to code the answer.

Apart from anagram, you can also have

I hope you've got to like Cryptic Puzzles!

Make up your own, or visit PFSS - the Dragon Fire - Cryptic Crossword!

Answers: 1.) trams backwards reads smart 2.) disturb only gives turbo 3.) little is synonymous with minor, which sounds the same as miner 4.) China 5.) the unit is mile, while the curve on the face is smile. :-)

Written by Juli

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(Designed by Agi and Anna)

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György Bessenyei Teachers Training College (Nyíregyháza)

The only information you can get about this college by looking at its website is the phonebook of the BGYTF, the Guide to entrance exams and the description of their Botenical garden.

Janus Pannonius University Of Arts And Sciences (Pécs)

What I find the best about this website is the homepage of Joe (József Horváth) and the CALLer, which is an on-line report on a CALL material developing project conducted at JPU, Pécs. Joe's Internet Book contains course materials and a selection of links that can be interesting for students of English. It also contains descriptions of exams, eg. multiple choice test (the ideal solution included as well), essays, English Department News service, a students' newsmagazine, interesting articles and useful ideas for future teachers as well. The CALLer contains links, on-line CALL materials, and a search project.

Juhász Gyula Teacher Training College (Szeged)

This site does not only contain some useful information about the college, but it also gives a description of its departments and relationships. You also have access to homepages of students and employees.

Lajos Kossuth University (Debrecen)

Unfortunately the website of this university does not contain any specific information about the English department, but it contains very nice pictures about the university in winter and features websites of different student organizations at the university (I really liked the page of chemist students). It also contains general information for today's and future's students.

Károly Eszterházy Teacher Training College (Eger)

This site has a wide range of information, eg. description of Eger and its county, pictures about the town, photographic archives, students' newspaper, etc. Unfortunately the website containing info about different departments is under construction.

Attila József University (Szeged)

What I really liked about this site was the Employees' homepages. Although some of them are quite plain, you can find brilliant ones as well (just check out Attila Béres's). This site also contains information about Szeged, about the university (pictures, departments, news). However it lacks any homepage of the English department.

Dániel Berzsenyi Teachers Training College (Szombathely)

You can see very nice pictures about the town, but unfortunately the homepage of the English department is still under construction.

The University of Veszprém (Veszprém)

What I liked most about this website was the sensitive map of the university. You should really check it out.

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