Gábor Gyõrfi
Interior Images, 1995

Computer installation with video projection

Jean Clair's theory suggests that new artistic models come from the fields of biology and genetics: from the fields of research on the organism, creation and the mysteries of life. In the past few years, I have turned towards neural models, driven by artistic, rather than scientific, aims. I believe that by modelling (even if only partially) the functioning of the human nervous system, we can come closer to an understanding of existence and creation.

In my artistic project planned for the next several years, I am striving to attain two different goals in parallel: on the one hand, I would like to create technically and scientifically high-level neural models with the aid of computer programs. These programs would stimulate neural processes that are typical of living nervous systems, and which are problematic to model by traditional computing methods. On the other hand, I plan to turn these models "inside out" and make them visible in space so that they may become kinetic sculptures directed by the continuous working of the nervous system, and not by any other program or chance event.

The first piece of this series was a computer installation with a video projection, displayed within The Butterfly Effect. This program was capable of distinguishing between different shapes according to their contours.

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