Gábor Gyõrfi

b. 1970 in Budapest, Hungary. Studied at the High School of Art and Design, Budapest, 1985-1989. Studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, in the Faculties of Painting and Intermedia, and received both degrees in 1996. Spent one semester at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), in 1993. Spent a period of three months in Rotterdam in 1996 as a participant of the On line and on site project. Member of the Balázs Béla Studio since 1992. Lives and works in Budapest.

Selected exhibitions

1992   Spectrum, Tûzoltó 72, Budapest
  Media Fair, Munich
1993   Térképzetek, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
  Jövõgyûjtés, Liget Gallery, Budapest
  Tondo, Józsefvárosi Gallery, Budapest
  Garbage, Charles Scott Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
1994   Could it be 4 megabytes more?, Mozsár Gallery, Budapest
1995   Invisible Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
  Intermedia, Boglárlelle, Hungary
1996   The Butterfly Effect, Mucsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest
  On Line and On Site, CBK, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


1993   7th Grammar Excercise
(Intermedia Department, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest)

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