FreeB92 - presents NetAid
Global 24-Hour Peace Netcast in aid of Radio B92, Yugoslavia
May 15, 1999, B92's 10th Birthday

A Global 24-Hour Peace Netcast in aid of Radio B92 and other media workers in distress in and from Yugoslavia

'When reality fails us, we move to the virtual world. But pain is real and it stays with us.'

Just hours before the start of NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav authorities shut down the transmitter of the Belgrade-based independent broadcaster Radio B92. Within days, the station had been
taken over completely by a new government-appointed management. All of B92's staff refused to work with the new management and on April 11 they resigned en masse.

For the past 10 years, Radio B92 has been one of the most vibrant voices for peace and democratic change in Serbia, and Yugoslavia. By using the common language of advanced popular music and culture, and professional journalism, B92 has taken an active stand against ethnic hatred, violence and war. We have promoted human rights, freedom of expression and speech, and respect for minorities and the right to differ and be different. We have played house, techno, drum'n'bass, jazz, hip hop, and alternative rock. B92 has won world-wide acclaim over the years for its continuous struggle for and commitment to democracy, as well as for the solidarity it has shown others, including MTV's Free Your Mind award in November 1998.

As a demonstration of the enduring free spirit of B92, and the forces for peace and democracy, a 24-hour live Internet broadcast - Free B92 - NetAid - will take place on May 15, on Radio B92's 10th birthday. Artists from all over the world are participating in the event, which is made possible thanks to the support of by HelpB92 (Amsterdam), Kunstradio (Vienna) and Radio Qualia (Australia) as well as the hundreds of thousands of friends of B92 from all over the world.

NetAid will take place at the following URL:
as well as at:

Join the Free B92 - NetAid global peace netcast. Play a song or DJ live in our designated studio (in Vienna), dedicate a track or a DJ mix, or simply send a message in support of peace, freedom and democracy. Join the event to send a birthday card for banned Radio B92's 10th anniversary!

The aim of Free B92 - NetAid is to show solidarity and support for the people of B92 and other media in distress in the region, who continue to keep the faith and defend the free spirit of B92 in spite of war, government repression and the latest ban on the radio station and independent media.

Free B92 is a website established by the Help B92 coalition. The site is maintained and published by the B92 team of journalists and associates, working from various parts of the world. The common aim of Free B92 and associated projects is to preserve the spirit of professionalism which has been stripped from everyday communication in Yugoslavia through the Belgrade regime&Mac226;s banning and takeover of Radio B92 and other independent voices in the country.

The artistic concept behind this project is to unite different musicians, artists, producers and DJs around the struggle for the freedom of expression. Get together in the virtual world as creation is the only possible answer to destruction. This event is announcing the age when artists will be able to react to the horrors of our time directly from their studios, bedrooms or clubs. The message is out there for the world to listen.

CDs, MDs, DATs and other music materials for this event can be sent to:

A-1040 WIEN
(Please, enclose a short biography/info)
Voice mailbox for birthday greetings and messages of support: +31 20 4216439
For further information please contact Gordan of the FreeB92 team:
Gordan Paunovic <>
Tel. +431 504 3110

Technical support (FTP, encoding) - Adam Hyde (Radio Qualia) <>

Artists confirmed for 15 May NetAid so far:

DJ John Acquaviva (Definitive/Plus 8) Canada
DJ Miles Holloway (Paper Recordings) England
Disko B/Gigolo family (Hell, Naughty) Germany
DJ Charlie Hall (Vic Music) England
DJ Fred Giteau (ex-POF Records) France
DJ Mark Allen (Quirk) London
DJ Blim (Emotif) England
Davide Squillace (Cloned Vinyl) Italy
Amptek (Eclectic) Italy

Sonic Youth, USA
Mike Watt (ex-Minutemen, ex-Firehose) USA
EC8RO (Digital Hardcore Recordings) Germany
Syd Griffin (Cole Porters, ex-Long Ryders) USA
Boiled In Lead, USA (Balkan-music influenced band)
Anastasia, Macedonia (see OST for "Before The Rain")
Comma, USA
Big Sky, USA

Xchange network live stream

Live stream from Belgrade:
DJ Vlada Janjic (B92)
DJ Boza Podunavac (B92)
Teenage Techno Punks

B92 birthday concert (Belgrade):
Darkwood Dub
Kanda Kodza i Nebojsa
Neocekivana sila...

Other Voices (Echoes From a War Zone), sound piece Gordan Paunovic (B92) Kunstradio production
...and more surprises...
Stay net-tuned!

Keep the faith!
FreeB92 team

To all the prejudiced people, to whomever it may concern

As we write this, 26 Bridges are destroyed in the bombing of Yugoslavia. By the time we receive your answer, the number may be bigger. The only thing we can do right now, and the only thing you can help us with, is to build at least one Bridge -- that would connect you with the most prominent Yugoslavian writers. Your texts and opinions we would offer to the Yugoslavian public, and from this end we would send you texts of the most prominent of our authors. We are ready to answer to your questions and provide you with the matter-of-fact information available to us.

What gives us the right to ask for your help in building this Bridge is the fact that from the very beginning of the crisis in Yugoslavia we have clearly and frankly been against the war and against violence towards civilians and civil life values. The people who are affiliated with the publishing house "Stubovi Kulture" (David Albahari, Vladimir Arsenijevic, Dragan Velikic, Svetlana Velmar-Jankovic, Dusan Kovacevic, Vida Ognjenovic, Radoslav Petkovic, Ljubomir Simovic...) have raised their voices against the destruction of cities and Bridges; under difficult circumstances we acted as responsible and clear-minded citizens, sympathizing with other peoples suffering just like with our own -- Muslim, Croatian and Serbian refugees yesterday, as well as Albanian refugees from Kosovo and Serbian refugees from their homes today. At this time, being ourselves exposed to war and collective retaliation destroying everything man has built, and even more importantly the values one could believe in, at his time when Yugoslavian citizens live in shelters and darkened cities, when every single citizen of Yugoslavia is a potential "collateral victim", we will not give up on our need for culture and the best expressions of the tradition, and we will not cease being open to basic values, no matter where they come from.

The politics will surely find answers and excuses for the murdering of civilians, demolition of Bridges, the bombings of the refugee caravans, destruction of the petro-chemical industry, provoking an ecological catastrophe that may threaten the whole of the Eastern and Central Europe, and for the interrupting of the Danube river traffic...

Those of us who are not politicians, who found no excuse for a similar government policy in our own country, are now not seeking political answers, but your word as a citizen about everything that is happening here. The principal victims of war in Yugoslavia are the civilians and their belongings. The bombs are murdering children, demolishing cities, destroying Bridges, railroads and roads, private property, objects of economy, and burying the future of many generations to come. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who have demonstrated against the regime, asking for democracy, two years ago in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis, Valjevo, Kraljevo and other major cities in Serbia, all together 64 of them, for all their efforts today are victims of collective retaliation. Mr. Srdan Mikovic, Lord-mayor of the city of Pancevo, today the most endangered city in Serbia, situated in the nearest proximity of Belgrade, where a huge petro-chemical complex has been destroyed and a dark cloud hovering over it for days now, has recently shown to a Washington Post reporter a collection of national flags of USA, England and France that he now keeps packed up in his closet. Those flags were carried as symbols of democracy through the streets of Pancevo two years ago, in the demonstrations that preceded to his being elected Lord-mayor, as an opposition representative. Pancevo is today being punished in the most brutal way for that resistance and victory over the regime, and people are fleeing from it in masses. Those who are cynically wondering if the bombing will last for as many days as we spent on the streets, demanding the return to the basic democratic principles and to the civil and legal society -- perhaps have the point.

In retaliating all of us, NATO uses weapons prohibited by international conventions, attacks objects that should be protected by international treaties, and the news that even depleted Uranium ammunition has been used have not been confirmed, but they have neither been refuted.

By bombing Yugoslavia the western military alliance creates an anti-western general mood in the Yugoslavian public and demolishes the basis that the West European countries were built upon. Those of us who are exposed to the consequences of this inhuman war, the war whose key-weapon are the civilians, believe that this might be the last moment when we can still speak of such topics as the collective retaliation, collateral victims, ecological catastrophe, refugees, civilian life in shelters and darkened cities, traumas caused by bombings, destruction of Bridges, ethics of modern wars, media giving up their own freedom of expression, interruption of the Danube river traffic, the use of literature and culture in a time of war, civilians as a weapon of the modern wars...

If you should find some other topics, we would be very grateful, because that will mean that we can still talk even in a time when we cannot sail the rivers, and the Bridges on them have been destroyed.

We hope that you will help us in building at least this of all the Bridges. There are already plenty of those who are demolishing them.
Predrag Markovic, Stubovi Kulture

The project of the "Stubovi Kulture" publishing house has started July 6th 1993 primarily as a literary project, but in the six following years it grew into a project of general culture and historiography. Started in a time not unlike today, during the war in ex-Yugoslavia, a huge inflation, international sanctions and the breakdown of every code of values, the project has since become a publishing house gathering together the leading Yugoslavian authors whose books have been translated and published in more than 30 countries. Having in mind T. S. Eliott's maxim saying that one cannot inherit a tradition, but must create it instead, by his own hard work, the project of "Stubovi Kulture", with its publishing policy, stands for an enterprise of carefully planned "creating of the tradition". With the sentence "Reading is a private affair" on its flag, the whole project is based on the returning to the tradition of private property and civil values. This approach includes a group of the finest of the Yugoslav authors and the most prominent ones from the whole world. The Serbian authors of "Stubovi Kulture" are practically the only Serbian writers whose books are continually being translated in Europe and Northern America, and through the last decade their books have been present in Sarajevo, Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana and Dubrovnik. Thus building a cultural Bridge, in the past six years "Stubovi Kulture" has published the books of György Konrád, Péter Esterházy, Bohumil Hrabal, Patrick Modiano, Paulos Matesis, Katarina Frosenson, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Lewis Caroll, L. M. Montgomery, Arthur C. Clarke, Anthony Burgess, Miguel de Unamuno, Robert Menasse, Giovanni Papini, Georges Perec, Bruce Chatwin..

White Ribbon
Civil Movement for Solidarity and Peace

The initiators of the White Ribbon civil movement are deeply perturbed by the tragic events in Yugoslavia, and consider both the Kosovo genocide and the bombings, taking the lives of innocent victims, as yet another breakdown of 20th century civilisation.

1. We view all massacres, for whatever reason, as unacceptable. We renounce the ethnic cleansing that has been a long-established policy of the Milosevic regime. We demand that all activities against ethnic minorities, and all other acts against the law, be stopped. We consider all previous attempts at conflict resolution erroneous, as they have been comprised of "solutions" that could only create more animosity.

2. The aim of our movement is to express solidarity with all those who have been forced to leave their homes during the Balkan conflicts, as well as with the innocent victims of a cruel war waged in the name of human rights. We are convinced that for ten years, the Western powers have committed, without exception, a gross injustice by making the wrong decisions in trying to resolve the Yugoslavian conflicts, inflicting punishment on those Serbs who have not merited punishment, while also remaining unable to defend the Kosovo Albanians.
Our movement is meant as an attempt to evoke public concern for those who have, during the last ten years, opposed the governments obsessed with national mythologies; that is, to direct public concern to the more than half of the Yugoslavian population who have not contributed in any way to the election of Milosevic and the radical nationalists.
We aim to achieve that those in power be held up to public obloquy - those who do deserve it, instead of the people and communities who do not - and we wish to arouse sympathy for all the Albanians, Serbs, Rroma and other nationalities who have become homeless or "culprits" under the present circumstances.
We ask all benevolent citizens to surpass the mere feeling of sympathy, and to do everything that falls within their capabilities to offer support to the refugees arriving from Yugoslavia, without regard to which nationality they belong.

3. We hope to witness the predominance of solidarity within the strategies of conflict resolution. Conclusions must be drawn from the attempts at resolving the Kosovo conflict in order for peace-making attempts not to divert from the original intention. Let us join forces so that the present method of "resolving" the conflict will never serve as a model for any power in the future to come.

If you agree with the above statement and would like to act against meaningless violence, pin a white ribbon to your clothing as of today, and please distribute this statement in photocopies or via e-mail.

The white ribbon is a lucid symbol of mourning and a symbolic message for those who are ready to think and reconsider.


earlier proclamations

ECX - european cultural Xchange
(the european cultural protection programme)

ex-YU Forum @ Trafó
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15-16 April, 22h (BBS) Toldi Cinema

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