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Palotai Gábor



Born in 1956 in Budapest, Gabor Palotai moved to Stockholm in 1981. Following his studies at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest (M.A., 1980), he continued at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts (1981-82) and the Beckmans School of Design (1982-83) in Stockholm. In 1988 he established his own design studio in Stockholm, Gabor Palotai Design, and has made a most original contribution to Scandinavian graphic design. In addition to his outstanding professional practice as a designer, Gabor Palotai is an appreciated guest teacher at design schools in Sweden. He is also engaged in experimental photography and textile design and has created architectural elements for public spaces.

Gabor Palotai has shown his works in solo exhibitions in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Paris and Budapest, and has participated in a number of design exhibitions, e.g., in Stockholm (the National Museum), Berlin, London, Gothenburg (Röhsska Museet), Malmö, etc.

Gabor Palotai has won the Excellent Swedish Design prize for the years between 1987-2000 and has received numerous other awards, including The Golden Egg Award (Best Swedish Advertising) and The National Library's Art Book Award. He has works in the permanent collection of the National Museum in Stockholm. His works also appear in many publications including Graphis, as well as Graphis Posters and Graphis Design and Annuals (Switzerland), Design & Art Direction (London).

With genuine artistic spirituality, he creates a powerful and radical aesthetic. His work is characterised both by a serious and playful interpretation of early modernist achievements, especially the Central European tradition, the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism. Thus, his engagement is with what has not yet been seen. He creates a highly individual and professional expression, and his works reveal an aura of originality.