[ changes in the gallery temporarily suspended by "life"! ]

_login_gallery is an initiative that replaces the corporate default background image by the internet service provider, ICT Aruba, with images by the client, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, in the background of its captive network portal. © Jan Robert Leegte

1st replacement was organized to take place on the day of the opening of the 10 years DOGTIME show.

Project: BrowserBased. Initiated by Zsolt Mesterhazy. Social engineering by Jan Robert Leegte & Radovan Misovic. Moral support: Manel Esparbé i Gasca. Images: ICT Aruba, Zsolt Mesterhazy, Radovan Misovic, Eugen Georg, Karina Palosi, Omri Bighetz, Olaf Baars, Alex Zakkas.
2014 - 2015.