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How to Exhibit Your Work:

  • Rent now!
  • Select the area you want to rent. You can choose as many "units" as you want and even select the whole wall. The price per unit per day is 25ct.
  • Select for how many days you want to exhibit your work. Then click the big "Rent Now" button.
  • Pay with PayPal
  • Choose an image, a video or a text that you want to exhibit.
  • Click "Publish".
  • Enter your personal details and choose whether your artwork is for sale or not.
  • Make sure to bookmark your edit page's URL. The url will be shown in red.
  • Your artwork is now shown at Roehrs & Boetsch in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Update your CV.
  • If you want to make any changes, then open your edit page and upload new contents or move your artwork to the front again (people can place artworks on top of your artwork, and so can you).

  • The "How to" is a quote from the project's site.

    An ABC to Shelf Life:

  • Do you go for this opportunity? I guarantee sending you an email notification for the first time the line number of Shelf Life deviates from 42, in my C.V.! You will also be notified when the line's number returns to 42. Valid agreements will stay honored! The offer expires when opportunity C gets taken!
    Price € 3,50!

  • For the first ten times the line number changes, you will receive notifications when they happen if they happen! You will also be notified on the line number's return to 42! The offer expires when opportunity C gets taken!
    Price € 45!

  • When you take advantage of this opportunity, Shelf Life will be established for good at line 42 regardless of any cv-worthy changes! A C type agreement terminates any further A or B type agreements. Current holder will receive all subsequent copies of C.V.s! This opportunity for patronage can color your portfolio or be resold immediately! It will not stipulate any first or last resale date!
    Price in € varies tied to ever-changing Etherum prices!

  • Records:    i.    ii.    iii.    iv.

  • - Thanks for the rentables, projected.capital!
    - Thanks for the Paypal Patronage, Ana Buigues Dura!

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