a project by Márton Fernezelyi & Zoltan Szegedy-Maszak

technical description

The project "Promenade" intends to examine the connections between "real" and virtual space, "real movement" and the illusion of motion. Using the handheld navigation device the visitor can explore the virtual rooms by taking a walk in the real space of the exhibition room. The unusual spatial illusions displayed in the halls of Promenade are addressing the ambigous relations between the three dimensional space and its two dimensional representation perceived from a dynamically moving viewpoint.

The handheld navigation device (located in the wall-mount under the flyers) can be used to explore Promenade. The position tracker built into the flashlight can be switched on and off using the swich on its side: while the tracker is operating a flashing red light indicates the "on" status.

The position measured by the tracker directs the position of the viewpoint in the virtual space: by walking in the exhibition room while holding the navigation-device the visitor can explore the dynamically changing virtual space. For best performance the position-tracker has to be turned in the direction of the projected image during all movements.

The visitor can switch between the rooms of Promenade by approaching the projected image: in a certain distance the virtual world will automatically switch to the next room.

Technical requirements at the exhibition-site:

  • a 4.5meters wide, 8ms long and 2.8 ms high room (or bigger), black walls except for the projection canvas. The space should be totally darkened, if necessary, by a black cealing
  • an XGA projector, at least 1000 ANSI Lumen, overhead projection, 5ms wide projected image
  • a Pentium III computer with graphics accelerator (OpenGl) card, TNT2 or better, ethernet card etc.

Equipments to be transported from C3:

  • an sgi indy computer (the server for the 3D data) with the interface to the 3Dpos system
  • 6-12 sensors to be mounted in the corners of the space
  • the wireless navigation device (built into a MagLite torch)

The handheld position tracker includes two ultrasonic transmitters, at least six receivers are installed in the corners of the room. The device is built into a rechargable (MagLite) flashlight, the recharging unit is installed on the wall, to which the users have to put back the device, which will automatically started being charged immediately.