North Point Of Support Organisation

Basic aims of the organisation:
  Main task of the organisation is to prepare, execute and participate in events, projects, and to introduce new and more effective skills concerning handling youth in a personal way.
The organisation tries to build up co-operation and fruitful experimental relationship towards other non-governmental organisations of somewhat the same profile.
The organisation establishes international relations in the field of youth work. It gives opportunities of transnational mobility and exchange of working experience.
Professional background of the membership:

 The membership is mainly active in the social sphere consisting of leaders of institutions, social and voluntary workers, youth counsellors. The Board of the organisation has an old experience in the field youth counselling, crisis intervention, familiar aid, pedagogical counselling, drug and
AIDS prevention, sex education, and fight against xenophobia.

If you have question, notes or ideas which help us in the full echivement of our aims, send e-mail to us!

North Point of Support Organisation
(Északi Támpont Egyesület)
Mohács u. 8/a. IV/6.
H-1135 Budapest, Hungary
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