Falkafolk ensemble
  The Falkafolk Orchestra deals with the music of the Hungarian nationalities and the Balkan nations. These melodies are played on authentic instruments, and mostly collected by the group itself. The group insists that the music of the Balkan nations (Grecian, Bulgarian, Turk, Albanian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian), despite all the differences and special national character, belongs to one "family". 
         The group  do not consider folk music as an old exhibit in an exhibition but as living force that is full of emotional and intellectual power. Music and dance united as an organic compound provides such a delightful experience and happiness that cannot be replaced by any modern therapy. 
          The Falkafolk group's Dance House is in the "Ferencváros Culture Centre" (1096 Budapest, Haller u.27.) on every Wednesdays from 19.00 to 22.30. Here, they regularly keep Greek programs too, evoking the folk customs and festivals of former times with regard to the 9th district's Greek colony. 
           Similarly to other folk groups, their radio and TV recordings have been rarely heard in the Media recently; but they made a cassette in 1994 and the second is now being recorded. Besides, some of their recordings can be heard on the annual Dance House Festival CDs. Although more and more examples show that the new style folk music - which is often shallow and much less valuable - is much more popular, the Falkafolk group's concerts prove that their intention is unwavering; the group goes its own way - playing authentic folk music - and do not change their style. 
            They are open to work with other musicians and singers. Till now, they have played and made friends with lots of excellent Hungarian and foreign musicians: an accordion player from Bulgaria, a musician from Istanbul, a Greek lyre player , a Turkish clarinettist from Varna, and so on. 
            The Falkafolk group searches for and examines the older layers of music, the crumbs of a vanishing culture. 

               Greek, Bulgarian, Southern Slav, Rumanian, Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, (Azerbaijan) songs and dance melodies. 
     Dance House: 
             Teaching Bulgarian, Southern Slav Albanian, Romanian and Macedonian dances by a professional teacher. 
     Dance House for Children : 
             Teaching easily learnable Greek, Southern Slav dances playfully introducing the instruments and rhythm games. 
               Contact:  Németh György leader 
                                  Vágóhíd u. 30. V. lépcs. II. em. 73.
                                  handy: 00/36/20/91 51 091,  e-mail: falkafolk@freemail.hu

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