Hungarian Checklist and Rarities Committee


Name: MME Nomenclator Bizottság (in English: Hungarian Checklist and Rarities Committee)

Affiliating or sponsoring organisation: BirdLife Hungary (Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület)

Address: MME NB

H-1121 Budapest

Költô u. 21.


Year of foundation: 1988

Number of members: 9

Name of members: Dr Attila Bankovics (chairman), Zoltán Barbácsy, Dr Péter Bod, Dr Tibor Hadarics (secretary), Dr Gábor Magyar, András Schmidt (secretary), Tamás Nagy, Zsolt Végvári, Zoltán Waliczky

Length of mandate: 5 years with a possible renewal for a second period of 5 years

Number of reports processed annually: 100-200

Ratio of reports accepted: 75-85%

Journal of publication for  rarities reports : Aquila or Túzok

Short description of how the documents are processed: photocopies of reports are circulated simultaneously via mail to the members 6-8 times a year. Records with no more than one "Not accepted" or "Rejected" vote will be accepted in the first run but species or races new to Hungary as well as taxonomic forms with no records since 1950 (Category B species) need unanimous decision acceptance. Records with no more than one "Accepted" vote will be rejected, while other records will be recirculated with the comments of the members, and further information may be saught from the author of the submitted report. If no decision can be made in the second circulation, the record will be scrutinised once more during the meeting of the Committee held at least once annually, but more than one vote against the record will result in the record not being accepted.

Other comments: records prior to 31 Dec 1975 are regarded as accepted if Keve (1960, 1984) listed them in his annotated checklist (records were accepted back then by an ad hoc committee). Records dated between 1976 and 1987 are currently under review by the HCRC.


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Created: 15 June, 1997 by Dr Gábor Magyar