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Robert Langh
Langh Robert was born in 1967, Hungary, teaching multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest since 2000 and video art at the Academy of Applied Arts between 1995-98. He is authoring CD-roms of various cultural contents in the C3 Foundation, Budapest. Studied and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia dept. and the Academy of Applied Arts, Visual Communication dept. as a media artist. He is also interested in computer installation, and took part in collective exhibitions in different countries. Some of his CD-rom publications are the Butterfly Effect (C3 Foundation, 1997), "Everything is the opposite way"(Kurt Lewin Foundation,1998), Colorum Naturae Varietas (Soros Foundation, Prague, 2000), The last window-giraffe (C3 Foundation,2001), "World famous hungarians..." (Millenáris Kht.2003), Cross-culture Calendar (C3 Foundation, 2004), other computer installations are Love Streams (Tölgyfa gallery, 1991), Planets Flare (HERMIT symposium, Plasy, 1996), Whore Nest (Internet Galaxy, Museum of Applied Arts, 1997), This Happened In The Parking Lot (Palazzo della Regione, riva del Mandracchio,Trieszt, 1998 and Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, 2001), Model of World (Bratislava, 2000), Smalltalk (Mediamodell, Art's Hall, 2001),Trigonometrical Guitar (Artpool, 2001), Retroscope (Aura, Millenary park,2003) and the Image Surfer Montage Builder (House of Future, Millenary park, 2005). Formerly created videos like ..lumberjack by night (BBS, 1992) and Stereo Time (BBS, 1995) at the Balazs Bela Studio.

Miskolc, 1967

1988-1992    University of Applied Arts, video artist degree
1993-1995    University of Fine Arts, media artist degree
1995-1997    teaching Autonom-video at the University of Applied Arts
2000-           teaching multimesia at the University of Fine Arts, Intermedia department

collective exhibitions:
1990:    Dissociation (Műcsarnok)
1991:    Love Streams (Tölgyfa gallery)
1996-97:    Rehearsal (Internet Galaxis, Museum of Fine Arts)
1997:    Planets Flare (HERMIT symposium, Plasy)
1997:    Stereo Time (C3 Foundation)
1998:    Whore Nest (Internet Galaxis, Museum of Applied Arts)
1998:    This Happened In The Parking Lot (Ernst Museum )
1998:    This Happened In The Parking Lot (Palazzo della Regione, riva del Mandracchio, Trieszt)
1999:    Trigonometrical Guitar (Perspektiva, Art's Hall)
1999:    Kiosk (INTERMÉDIA, Induktív csomópont)
2000:    Model of World (Bratislava)
2001:    Smalltalk (Mediamodell, Art's Hall)
            Smalltalk (C3 Gallery)
2001:    This Happened In The Parking Lot (Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris)
2001:    Trigonometrical Guitar (Az egységes olvasási mód, Artpool, P60)
2001:    Cross-culture Calendar (kioszk, Etnographical Museum)
2003:    Retroscope (Aura, Millenary park)
2005:    Image Surfer Montage Builder (House of Future, Millenary park)
2006:    Image Surfer Montage Builder (Nam June Paik Award, Cologne)
2007:    Smalltalk (Kempelen, Art's Hall)
2007:    Smalltalk (Kempelen, Karlsruhe, ZKM)
2007:    Smalltalk (Festival della Creativite, Florence)
2008:    e-Range (DeKor, Volksbank Galéria) 
2008:    e-Kazán (Reneszansz, VideoSpace Galéria) 
2008:    e-Kazán (Volksbank, Kogart Galéria) 
2009:    e-Kazán (Digital Fesztivál, Gödör)
2010:    Vision and Atavism (workshop-curator, Pécs, Hattyú ház)
2010:    BUDAPEST20 (multimedia exhibition, Budapest historical Museum)
2010:    Image Surfer Montage Builder (DART Festivál, Veszprém)
2011:    "the place, where Rosenthal once lived " (historical multimedia exhibition, Goldmark hall)
2011:    Archeology in Budapest (historical multimedia application, Budapest historical Museum)

solo exhibitions:
1991:    Love Streams (performance, Hold coffe shop)
1996:    Virtual Kapolcs (non-stop, multiplex slide show)
2001:    Cross-culture Calendar (workshop, C3 gallery)
2004:    Cross-culture Calendar (Fióka Art gallery)

multimedia - Cd-rom:
1997:    Butterfly Effect (C3 Foundation)
1998:    "Everything is the opposite way"(Kurt Lewin Foundation)
1999:    "I'm the shopwindow-decorator" (School for Crafts and Design)
2000:    Colorum Naturae Varietas (Soros Foundation, Prague)
2001:    The last window-giraffe (C3 Foundation)
2001:    Diplome degree at the University of Fine Arts, 2000
2002:    Art history educational data-base (University of Fine Arts)
2002:    Diplome degree at the University of Fine Arts, 2001
2003:    "World famous hungarians..." (CD-rom, Millenáris Kht.)
2004:    Cross-culture Calendar (C3 Foundation)
2004:    Shopwindow (culture historian CD-rom, C3 Foundation)
2004:    CD-roms in Director-like environment
            (online multimedia educational)

2010:    Vision and Atavism (DVD-rom)

Narcissus and Epigone I-III (70',1990)
100 Performances (25',1991)
Love Streams (60',1991)
Rat in the fire(80',1991)
"Ein schauspieler!" (30',1991)
German Steppe (15', 1992)
..lumberjack by night (15',1992,BBS)
Erotic Autumn Anzix (10'1992)
Know-how (20',1993)
Video fast (5',1993)
Nearing Memory(4',1994)
Stereo Time (22',1994-1995,BBS)