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League Against Conscription (Hungary) - history and news

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Library - military conscription

Anti-Conscription Network
Anti-Conscription Network -anconnet-  egroup list

World-Wide Anti-Conscription Unity - Yahoo! Groups - anti-conscription

Stop Conscription in Europe Now!

Conscription and armies

Dual Nationality, Conscription and Death Penalty - fresh data for countries

`The Future of Conscription (Conference, Hungary, 2000.,  Archives)


Central Europe's sulky conscripts, The Economist: 12-Aug-00

About compulsory military service -- in a committed way 00.04.14.

FRÉDÉRIC DRION> France: New Defense for a New Millennium

Mongrel military reform makes draft worse than ever - Miklós Haraszti, Budapest Business Journal, July 23, 2001

Hungarian League Against Conscription

Germany's attaché and Hungarian debate (2000.03.22.)

990621 Statement /Deserters/

991203 Call for Action /Deserters/


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