International Protection for Deserters!

War criminals are often treated at an international level, and this is
necessary because war criminals are sometimes considered heroes
by their own nation or state. Similarly, deserters can expect no correct
treatment in their own country. While desertion may be criminalized by their own states, it is often -- rightly -- seen as an act that serves the cause of peace, which is the global interest of the international

Desertion is often a direct consequence of compulsory military service.

Desertion is not necessarily in conflict with patriotic feeling. Many
examples from history prove that deserters have done a better service to their country than obedient soldiers, especially in the case of lost

This website is devoted to deserters and draft evaders. It does not intend to encourage anybody to commit an illegal act; it does not want
to create false illusions; nor does it promise any kind of protection in
specific individual cases.

One aim of this page is to focus the  attention on the issue of deserters in general. Another, to promote the idea that every human being should have the right to be out of their country's war without risking punishment and persecution. This requires some kind of protection guaranteed by the international community.

Terminology, general information

Statements, news, reports

Safe House reports /related to Yugoslavia/

Amnesty International, 1999, FRY: The forgotten resisters

18 August 2000 AI Index EUR 70/039/2000 - News Service Nr. 159  FRY: Bojan Aleksov and Women in Black - human rights defenders at risk

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Amnesty International


Connection e. V.


Hungarian Human Right Center /MEJOK/
League Against Conscription /HEL/


Alternative service exists on very strict conditions, see Yinnon Hiller's case on the Jewish Peace Fellowship web page

Sri Lanka

A researcher deals with the problem of desertion. To help his work here is a request.

"Problem for Sri Lankan Society?"

Have the deserters of Sri Lankan Armed Forces been a problem for you?

A researcher on this subject solicits your views and Ideas.

What do you think about the deserters?

Are they a problem to the society?
In what way?

Please send your views, ideas to


Famous cases

Charles de Gaulle

Peter FRASER - at first sentenced for evasion (1916), later
became the Prime Minister of New Zealand (1940).

Yugoslavia - Oromhegyes - Tresnjevac


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