The 92/B Furj street estate has been run by the DMGYIA (the Foundation for Children and Youth of Southern Hungary) since 1st of April, 1996. In the light of the economic changes that have occured lately our intentions are the following:

Our Name:


In order to be clean for both foreign and Hungarian people three basic ideas are brought together in our name:

  • economical
  • ecological
  • park
  • Our Goal is

    to work as a multipurpose, receptive institution that helps with the development of Szeged where the innovative business centre, the holiday-centre which is tightly connected with the garden city and the youth services work together in harmony without dis turbing each other functionally.

    Our Functioning:

    The inner management given by the enterprise developing centre is such a pillar that ensures self-support based functioning independently of season and a permanent source for the necessary protection of substance by common marketing-, secretarial- and oth er services.

    Our relations:

    On the basis of functioning as a foundation we are strongly connected with non-profit sphere. We would like to ensure a permanent locale for the programmes of youth associations, religious organisations and other ones based on different interests and we w ant to incite them to improve the environmental culture of the Park. We would like to assign a prominent part to our co-operation with the local government of Szeged Town of County Rank. We would like to contribute to the improvement of enterprise develop ing, manpower-utilization and to the lifting of the living standard in Ujszeged. On the basis of business interests we would like to co-operate as a market character with the participants of economic life who are ready to enrich the existing values of the Park.

    Our Possibilities:

    The park possessing comperatively favourable fundamentals is suitable to arouse the attention of foreign visitors and urge them support it. Next to this we want to enlarge our sources by taking part in technical, innovative and classical competitions to a ccomplish new investments that fit our conception. Our goal- to estabilish and support a social and common initiative which is free of politics -laid down in the Deed of Foundation and that can serve the active formation of the future of South Hungarian y outh can be realised as a result of these things.


    I. The Antecedents:

    The owner of the estate -that worked as the Educational Centre of Csongr d County Young Communists League before the political changes- is the Foundation for Children and Youth of Southern Hungary estabilished on 29th of May, 1990 with the assistance of t he youth associations of the town. Its object is running and developing the park mentioned above. The institution was run by the Foundation on the basis of the contract with the TALENT Ltd. for five years. The Technological Centre was built during this pe riod.

    II. Characteristic featres of the estate:

    The EKO-PARK is situated in the Ujszeged garden-city next to the bank of river Tisza. It can easily be approached, the surrounding streets have solid pavement, its mass-traffic connections are good. The 7.8 ha territory is completely supplied with public utilities. The water-, water gang-, gas-, electricity- and telephone systems are jointed with the public utility network system of the town. 3 ha of the whole territory are wooded and 2 ha are grass-plots.

    III. The Expedience of the Estate:

    The group of buildings built as a youth camp in 1960 function today as:

    Main building:
    -number of offices: 35 (15-30m2)
    -educational room: 1 (for 50 people)
    -conference room: 1 (for 300 people)
    -year of building: 1978
    -reconstructions: 1982, 1985, 1990
    -60 rations kitchen
    -it holds 150 persons
    -year of building: 1969
    Motel buildings:
    -2 stone buildings for 40 persons
    -2 enterprise centers rebuilt for offices
    -year of building: 1970.,
    -reconsrtuctions: 1988
    Other estabilishments:
    -bitumen hand-ball ground
    -hard cinder court
    -sauna, dressing-room
    -carpark for 70 cars

    IV. Services on the Real Estate at Present:

    1. Infrastructure to help contractors

  • telephone, a 64 extension telephone exchange located on 8 main lines (tel. 430-430)
  • fax with independent main line (431-216)
  • possibility to join Internet
  • photostat with coloured toner
  • 24 hours reception
  • offices, workshops, depositories to rent
  • 2. Technological development

    a.) basic activity:
  • biotechnological
  • innovation management
  • wholesale trade of foodproducts
  • international transportation
  • b.) derived services to help each other

  • exhibition organizer
  • printing offices
  • publisher's
  • telephone exchange locating
  • Internet or BBS service
  • buying and selling of computering equipment
  • bank service
  • book-keeper and tax-adviser
  • hospitality (restaurant and accomodation)
  • V. Our Most Important Tasks:

    Our intention is to make the garden-city Eko-Park formed of high level and giving high standard services provide reliable background for the realization of lots of SUCCESSFUL enterprises. We strive after contracting long term agreements. Our successful programmes (exhibitions, business breakfasts, etc.) will be realized with the co-operation of outer enterprises. The objective of the operational management is to serve the tenants and the p rogramme-organizers completely, giving a useful function to each part of the Park.

    The items of the process of high technological development are given in the region: institutions of university education, scientific research institutes and manufacturing industry. The EKO-PARK is suitable for the practical realization of scientific resea rches with the help of the existing traditions and the outside development sources. It can become such a centre where the marketability of the enterprise can be tested in practice and which can provide a reliable background for the enterprising youth of t he region.

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    Our address:6726 Szeged, Fürj str. 92/b

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