Dance ensemble Budapest
Welcome to one of Hungary's leading folk-ballets
H-1251 Budapest, P.O. Box 4
Tel./Fax.: 0036 1 201 5407
Contact: Gusztáv Takách
Tel.: 0036 1 201 5182


Welcome to the homepage of Zoltán Zsuráfszki's Budapest Dance Ensemble (Magyar Állami Népi Együttes Budapest Táncegyüttese), one of the best professional folk dance troupes in Hungary. Being the Chamber Group of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble the Dance Ensemble Budapest (Budapest Táncegyüttes) presents a versatile repertoire from authentic Hungarian folklore (folk music and folk dances like the csárdás), dance theatre based on Central European folklore, dance house events featuring an multiethnic repertoire of the Carpathian basin to world dance productions in a new style of choreographic design.